Specialist Programs

Specialist Classes include

The  Arts:

Our Visual Art program continues to flourish. Each year particular artists are explored in depth and children showcase their artworks in our biannual Art show in.

In Performing Arts we conduct our much loved Dance Sport Program utilising Footsteps Dance Company. The program is conducted every Friday in either Term 1 or Term 4.

Glee Club was introduced in 2016 and was an instant success. Students perform regularly to the school community and also perform for local community groups.

ABC Music Group expanded their offerings in 2016 and Guitar was introduced in addition to our Keyboard Program.


Our program at Corpus Christi exposes and immerses our students in the Italian language and its culture. Children learn conversation skills as well as how to write short texts in Italian. The students learn Italian songs, rhymes, poems and games. They also study Italian geography, history and culture.

The students of Corpus Christi develop their skills through weekly hands on activities: speaking and listening, reading and writing, creating art works, story books, posters, comics, playing language games and participating in ICT experiences such as online games and activities.

Physical Education

Specialist Physical Education classes are timetabled weekly where students develop fundamental motor skills, fitness and game sense.

A comprehensive sporting program exists with major carnivals through which children in Years 3-6 may reach Diocesan, State and National representation. These being the Athletics and Cross-Country Carnivals.

All students in Years 5/6 compete in the School Sport Victoria (SSV) District Interschool Winter and Summer Sports and the Kanga 8s District Carnival and participate in a camping program.

Children in Years P-4 engage in an intensive swimming program and participated numerous sporting clinics.

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